Jolanda's tulip

for your favorite stage!

Style of Jolanda’s Tulip

The times are over when only the pantsuit in black or gray stood for competent and serious appearance. Women in leadership positions, whether as independent entrepreneurs, politicians, lawyers or in leading positions in companies or authorities, can express their competence, self-confidence and now also their individuality in timeless shapes and bright colors with the business fashion "New Power Dressing".

What does "New Power Dressing" stand for? You just want to be yourself and also feel like the best version of yourself on your favorite stage: whether at an event in front of a large audience, in business meetings, contract negotiations, media appearances or the first meeting with potential business partners. Our products are made in Germany. Most of fabrics come from Italy and Germany. We attach great importance to sustainability and fair working conditions.



Limited Edition


Customer testimonials
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"Ning designed me a very personalized dress with a matching jacket. The fabric selection was particularly high quality and exceptionally beautiful. My wishes were perfectly implemented. The craftsmanship is first class. I am already looking forward to a new dress."
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"One of my favourite private designers for events, business or private. The designer is a talented, powerful, creative fashionista, yet still, humble, client-oriented and loyal to single details. I can’t wait to recommend her to everyone else who is as passionate as I for haute couture"
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"Very elegant and high quality designs!!! Can I recommend especially for exclusive events or generally business ladies!"
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"I very much appreciate the individual and personal advice on dress style. Ning did that well. It is a nice feeling to wear a unique one of a kind. The high quality fabric has also ensured a pleasant feeling to wear. Thank you very much!"
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"I love Jolanda‘s Tulip Style. It is contemporary, unique and very elegant. The items are made with great passion and you can see and feel it. I also Iike the idea that one can ask the designer to create something special for oneself."
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"Extraordinary, unique fashion designed with love to detail and made with high quality materials. Just wonderful!"